CBD Coffee and Doughnuts

I went for a walk near the REI in downtown Denver off of Platte Street. There are a bunch of mom and pop stores within several blocks, but one that really caught my attention was a cute little cafe and doughnut shop near 15th. Habit Doughnut Dispensary and Carbon Cafe and Bar sit side by side so you can grab a doughnut and head over to the cafe to pick up your drink and lounge in one of their eclectic seating areas.

What makes this place so unique is that they serve up some heady CBD iced coffee and have some really interesting doughnut flavors such as curry mango, lavender honey, and glazed powdered sugar and lemon creme filling, YUM! The menu changes daily which is a perk because there is always something new to try! I am somewhat of a doughnut connoisseur so I make it my business to check out new places I haven’t been before and might I add this is one of my new faves in Colorado.

It’s hard to find coffee shops that serve up CBD tincture so I’m glad to have stumbled across this place! If you’re near Commons Park take the gander over to this shop, you won’t be disappointed.

IMG_6665.jpgHabit DoughnutsIMG_6539

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